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30/09/2012 - Video award nomination in two catagories for short film "Not So Fright Night"
at the 1st annual Cinema Hamilton Incite awards


15/07/2012 - Official selection "Not so Fright Night" screened
at Hamilton Music and Film Festival 5


02/06/2012 - Captain Kind & Mr. Mean Merchandise added to Fashion


20/04/2012 - Web Series "Hitchock Bros Presents... S1E5" added to Films


23/03/2012 - Web Series "Hitchock Bros Presents... S1E4" added to Films


12/02/2012 - Web Series "Hitchock Bros Presents... S1E3" added to Films


22/01/2012 - New Sketch "The Horror Movie Pitch" added to Films


06/01/2012 - Web Series "Hitchock Bros Presents... S1E2" added to Films


22/12/2011 - Web Series "Hitchock Bros Presents... S1E1" added to Films


01/12/2011 - New Sketch "Moe Lester's Monster Truck Rally" added to Films


25/11/2011 - New Sketch "Not So Fright Night" added to Films


07/10/2011 - New Sketch "The Amazing Adventure of Capt. Kind" added to Films


30/09/2011 - New Sketch "TSLH: Billy the Kid" added to Films


12/09/2011 - New Sketch "Wicked Feng Shui" added to Films


14/08/2011 - Added Videos to Events section